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The best web hosting company

Web designers often find themselves in a dilemma: “Now that I have this great-looking website, where should I have it hosted?” Our best suggestion is why not try out

Web designers host websites at siteground

Why website designers should have their websites hosted by

In information technology, time is of great essence.  More importantly if you are a web designer.  You will have clients anxiously waiting for a critical update to their website.  An explanation from you that there is probably something wrong at your web host is taken as a silly excuse to pass the blame onto others. With that in mind, as a web designing professional, you have to go for a web hosting company that will not let you down.

In our web designing journey, from local hosting to several web hosting companies including hostgator and over-rated, we can safely and confidently recommend  Below are some of the reasons;

  • A guarantee of website up time of over 99% is a good indication that Siteground have confidence in their systems.  Having hosted a couple of websites with them for over 4 years now,  I would not hesitate to recommend Siteground to any web designing enthusiast.
  • Live support chats
    • If you need instant support pertaining to your website, you can rest assured that you will get the assistance from Siteground’s 24-7 live support team.  Not only are the assistants friendly, they are also very conversant in web hosting.  They can even assist  web designers with web designing related issues.  The support specialists can go to the extent of installing the software you plan to use in your website design, be it WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.
  • A user friendly CPanel
    • Web designers, new and old, will find Siteground’s CPanel easy to use. It has almost every widget you may want to use in your website design process. Siteground even volunteers web templates, some of which we have adopted, for example on our Bulk SMS website.

And what do we get by being such fanatics of Siteground? Besides their excellent service, you have the option of becoming an affiliate and making a steady side income by referring friends and clients. Please use this link to go to Siteground.