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Web Designers Zimbabwe is a division of Trendsetters, a wholly Zimbabwean owned web designing and Information Technology Company. Our team of web designers is made up of an array of individuals of diverse expertise.

Web designers Zimbabwe
Web Designers Zimbabwe

 Web Designers Zimbabwe current projects

Our belief in providing quality web designing service to our clients restricts us to a few clients we can take good care of. It is not about numbers only, we want to provide value as well. Below are some of the clients our web designers are taking care of:

Besides web designing, Trendsetters offers companies and individuals a bulk sms platform.  The bulk SMS platform enables anyone with an internet connection to send text messages to cellphone users.  The system is presently limited to cell phone users in Zimbabwe and Botswana.  Our vision is to have a presence in the whole of Africa.


Also of interest to Trendsetters is desktop publishing which is done by our graphic designers at the main office.  We further provide high-speed internet connectivity to our walk-in clients.